Through this blog, I try to share some viewpoints, opinions, and quotes, which I hope will be helpful and bring improvements of learning spirit in Aikido. Please forgive me for any flaw, as I am a mere human of small knowledge. I hope that anything I share in here will bring benefits, and encourage a high-spirited practice.

Melalui blog ini, saya mencoba berbagi beberapa sudut pandang, opini serta kutipan-kutipan yang diharapkan dapat membantu dan meningkatkan semangat dalam berlatih Aikido. Dengan kesadaran sebagai manusia biasa, mohon maklum atas pengetahuan yang terbatas. Semoga apa yang saya bagikan disini bermanfaat, dan, tetap semangat latihan.


Relax, focus, breathe, straight, and circular

As part of my interest in writing, I publish this blog, which will cover the topics of Aikido in particular. There are a lot of resources through the web which covers the basic and introductory knowledge, therefore I did not include any basic and introduction of Aikido within this blog or through the articles.

I have been practicing Aikido since 2001, at first, formally under the direction of Eduard Rusdianto-sensei (currently sandan), later, under his acknowledgement, I formally change my “apprenticeship” under the direction of Teguh Juwono-sensei (currently nidan),assisting him in instructing some practice sessions. Currently, I am appointed as the head instructor of Suisen-kan. My respect also goes to some of the other senior practitioners whom I practiced with:

1. Agus Hermawan of Janti Shohei-kan Yogyakarta

2. Laddy Lesmana of Janti Shohei-kan Yogyakarta

3. Imanul Hakim of Aiki-Kenkyukai Jakarta

4. Pang Samuel Christanto of Aiki-Shudokai Yogyakarta

5. Hendy Thalib of Aiki-Shudokai Yogyakarta

After my shodan exam, the Aikido Regional Board of Yogyakarta (now known as Aiki-Shudokai), operating under the Indonesia Aikikai Fund, pass the responsibility of instructing the dojo of Gadjah Mada University.

Through this blog I will try to share my limited knowledge and experiences in philosophical and technical aspects, but mostly I will link you to any resources that I thought you might missing. Though in terms of jargon and language, most of my writing sounds sophisticated, the fact is I aim the contents of my writings mostly for beginners.

Most of my fellow practitioners will recognize my interest most in ukemi and buki-waza. You are welcome to contact me (mailto:  todai_on@yahoo.com) to discuss any topics, share or publish an article in my blog (really hope you all will), or even request a specific article to be published. Hope to hear from you all soon ^^


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